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Theme for the year 2018-19

Chaitanya School is managed by the Sree Vidya Niketan Trust (SVNT) a group committed to providing quality and affordable education in the state capital, Gandhinagar. SVNT believes that today’s students play a major role as leaders and opinion- makers of tomorrow, and that there is a felt need to impart quality education based on moral values to this vital section

Chaitanya is a registered CBSE School
using the latest teaching methods

Machine Learning & Human Interface

– Forward March

School Management

Smt Elizabeth Koshy
Founder-Trustee, SVNT;
Member Chaitanya School Management

Shri M. P. Jain
Chief of Operations,

Smt Nailini Subbarao
Trustee, SVNT,
MemberChaitanya School Management

Smt Swati Matta

Shri Ravi Gopalan
Treasurer, Chaitanya and SVNT;
Member Chaitanya School Management